In this project of comprehensive penthouse reform, the main concern of its inhabitants was thermal control and energy efficiency. The penthouse terrace had a cover that made it impossible to take advantage of the space in the hottest months.
An energy rehabilitation of the house was carried out, proposing a set of actions on facades, roofs and installations, reducing energy consumption and improving comfort.
Among other actions, the following were carried out:
– Incorporation of insulating materials, significantly reducing heat and cold losses and eliminating acoustic and humidity problems.
– Renovation of the exterior carpentry and glass, improving thermal insulation and increasing the tightness of the building.

In this way, the best possible use was made of this room, making it livable and creating a multipurpose space connected to the living room and kitchen.
The rest of the house was also completely renovated, taking care of all the details, both in materials and lighting.


Año: 2018