A world tourism destination linked to water sports, the city of Dakhla offers an incredible landscape between the desert and the sea. This project stems largely from the city, its beaches and especially its characteristic activity: surfing. Its objective is the creation of an urban component, which will consolidate and identify Dakhla as a surf city.
It is the movement and plasticity of surfing, which turn the wave into the source of inspiration for the project.
The conceptual part is based on the creation of routes in the form of platforms and ramps that emerge from the landscape to grow in undulating movements reminiscent of the ocean.
The project proposes the visitor to surf in the park, through a wavy and dynamic and fluid path, to walk and discover its different leisure and cultural offers.
The different uses appear along the platform and following its shape, creating a path of progressive discovery. The administration, the library, the museum, the restaurants and the mosque are positioned in a logic of complementarity and communication.
The park’s circulation systems are resolved at all levels:
– A pedestrian route offers a pleasant, comfortable and functional circulation with special attention to accessibility for people with reduced mobility.
– A cycle route surrounds the park.
– A road traffic for access and movement of emergency vehicles and specific intervention
At the heart of the project, an area with water and vegetation takes us to the oases.
The vegetable plantations collect with their relief the evocation to the dunes of the Sahara, responding to an ecological approach based on their adaptation and resistance to the climate of the area.

The sports area is located in the South zone, creating a complete sports sequence.
The park offers children nature-based play areas, with reliefs and organic forms offering countless possibilities for games.


Año: 2018