The building is located in the historic center of Almansa, and takes in different institutions dedicated to cultural outreach about the Battle of Almansa, research and tourism promotion.
The site where the building is located used to be a void to which the city had become accustomed. The project is born from understanding and creating the place by completing what already exists.

The new building redefines a new urban space and looks out onto the Plaza de Sta. María inviting you to enter in, through a void framed in the form of a courtyard, seeking to lessen the visual impact of the construction of the new building in a space assimilated as emptiness. The building does not impose itself as a large exempt object supported by the site, but seeks a special integration into the urban fabric. It not only occupies the space in the city, but also generates space to return it to the city in the form of a court and a terrace – lookout.

The project proposes a formal approach to the facades of the building, which is coherent in terms of quality and urban scale with the emblematic place it occupies: the game of relationships between mass and emptiness, gravity and light, context and texture.
The building is configured as interior perforated spaces, valued and qualified by light.
The facades collect the textures and materials typical of the environment such as natural stone for the facades, thick walls, corten steel … all this to configure a building of its own and unambiguous public character.

The roofs are configured as planes finished with the same stone: the fifth facade.
The functional organization of the building is very clear: all the spaces are articulated through a horizontal and vertical axis of communication that runs through all the floors, allowing the different uses to coexist.
Below ground level is the Battle Museum, creating an exhibition space isolated from the outside with the only connection of light bathing the rock in the backyard. In this way, the imagination can be moved to another era and reinforce the intention of the exhibition.


Cliente: Almansa City Council

Año: 2009