Located in ground floor premises in the center of Villena, this new project arises to respond to a new clinic, which will further reinforce, if possible, the values based on an extremely personalized patient treatment. Human value, trust, tranquility and care for patients make the difference.

The project had to live up to these values. For this reason, from the outset, a design was proposed to serve people, focused on their health and well-being, both for patients and for professionals who will spend most of their time in this clinic. The environments in which we work have a profound impact on our health, well-being and productivity. Therefore, this project presented us with a great opportunity to enhance this philosophy through design: creating a positive experience for users.

The quality of the air, the water, the lighting, the thermal and acoustic comfort and the materials used respond to the objective of well-being.

The project proposes the opening of large windows to the façade, transferring the image of transparency to the exterior. Access is made through a double door that allows the image to be changed depending on whether the clinic is open or closed, while providing additional security. The façade is resolved with large-format porcelain pieces that provide continuity, ease of cleaning and durability.

For the interior, a cozy atmosphere is proposed that offers comfort, warmth and proximity, where the natural ceramic tones, the warmth of the wood and the pastel colors of the corporate image are combined with the predominant white, giving rise to spacious and bright spaces.

The reception and waiting room area is conceived as a single open space, thus maximizing its spatial possibilities and capturing natural light. Tours are also of particular importance, making a double circulation, one for professionals and the other for general patients, thus achieving efficient and functional communication.


Año: 2019